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The Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters, better known as the Hawaii Carpenters Union, is in the midst of a recruiting drive to meet the manpower projections of Hawaii's leading developers, landowners and union building contractors in Honolulu.

In fact, workforce projections for unionized builders across the island of Oahu indicate shortages of qualified journey workers in many of the job categories our union provides to our signatory contractors, due to the huge upswing in work after years of economic recession.

This is your opportunity to build a better future for you and your family, receiving top wages, medical insurance coverage, union member services and retirement benefits worthy of an experienced journey-level worker like you.

Please read thoroughly the steps involved in joining the Hawaii Carpenters Union as a new, returning or transferring journeyman, and make your move today. Our employers have immediate openings and the union has expedited procedures to put you in line for work as quickly as possible.


Journey Carpenter Recruitment FAQ's

Q: Do I have to join the Hawaii Carpenters Union to work on a union project?
A: Yes, We have agreements with developers, landowners, and over 200 of Hawaii's leading contractors that ensure that only qualified union members can work on their projects. This work includes carpentry, drywall, millwright work, welding, divers, solar installation, fireproofing, and firestopping.

Q: How do I join the Carpenters Union? Is there an online application?
A: You need to apply in person at the Union hall, located at 1311 Houghtailing Street next to Damien Memorial School in Kalihi.

To qualify as a journeyman, you need at least five (5) years of carpentry, drywall, or specialty experience. Journeymen interested in joining the union must fill out an Application form and a Field Employment History form at the union hall (there is no online application). After completing both forms, applicants will be scheduled to interview with a Service Representative. If you are determined to be at journeyman status, you will then be required to attend an Orientation before completing the membership process.

Q: I am a former Hawaii Carpenters Union member, how do I get back in?
A: If you were a member less than a year ago, you simply need to come into the union hall and pay for any membership dues fines you may owe before being reinstate into the union. You can then sign the Out-of-Work (Job Call) List.

If you have been out of the union for more than one year (12 months), you will need to attend an Orientation and pay for any membership dues fines you may owe before being reinstated into the union. You will be able to sign the Out-of-Work (Job Call) List the same day as your Orientation.

Once you sign the Out-of-Work List, it will be your responsibility to listen to the job call recording each work day and attend job calls under your category, which are held at 7:00 a.m. at the Union hall.

Q: How much are union dues?
A: Monthly membership dues are $20 per month. Working dues are 4 percent of 40 hours at journeymen wage rates. You will only pay working dues if you are working.

Q: What is the union journeymen wage scale in Hawaii?
A: Journeymen carpenters make $43.90 per hour and journeymen drywallers make $44.15 per hour effective August 31, 2015.

Q: What are some of the benefits of being a Hawaii Carpenters Union member?
A: Union benefits work a little different from typical jobs. You need to earn your benefits, which include medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage; 401(K); Financial Security (retirement); and a Vacation & Holiday pay. Members in good standing are also entitled to services provided by the Legal Department's two lawyers. Please speak with a Service Representative to learn more about the Union's benefits.

Q: What are my prospects for immediate employment if I join the Union?
A: Although the union cannot guarantee you a job, construction on Oahu is booming, especially in the high-rise sector. According to manpower forecasts, the manpower needs of our signatory contractors will exceed the number of members on the Out-of-Work List by the second half of this year. This is due to the numerous high-rise residential condominiums being built in the Kakaako and Ala Moana areas, and the Honolulu Rail Transit project which is also entering constructions phases that call for more carpentry and specialty work. All in all, our union contractors have the lion's share of the major projects in both the public and private sectors on Oahu and the Neighbor islands.

Once you join the union, you can wait for a job in your category by signing the Out-of-Work List, or you can solicit a job on your own. Unfortunately, the union cannot provide members with a list of contractors, as we are a referral agency, but information on our signatory contractors can be found online on our Market Recovery Fund's website (Pacific Resource Partnership): www.prp-hawaii.com/contact./find-a-contractor. Members are allowed one solicitation every six months.

Q: Can I speak to someone at the union if I have more questions?
A: If you have any questions, please contact one of our Service Representatives at (808) 847-5761, ext. 4 during business hours (7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday). If our service representatives are unavailable, please leave a message with your name, telephone number, and reason for your call.

FAQ's for Out-of-State Journey Carpenters

Q: What if I belong to another union Local and want to work in Hawaii?
A: There are two options for you.]

1) You could become a “permit worker. As a permit worker, you will maintain membership in your local union while working in Hawaii.

You should be able to show proof that you are currently in good standing and your member dues are paid up. You will also need a Reciprocity Agreement issued from your home Trust Fund Office to present to the Hawaii Trust Fund Office (Hawaii Benefit Administrators Inc.). Below is our Trust Fund Office's contract information:

Hawaii Benefit Administrators, Inc.
200 North Vineyard Street, Suite #100
Honolulu, HI 96717
Phone Number: (808) 841-7575, ext. 2

2) Your second option is to transfer your membership to Hawaii. You will need to obtain a transfer confirmation from your current local, and present it in person to our Union Hall to initiate transfer proceedings.

Either status is immediately granted upon receipt of all necessary documents and records from your current local, and the satisfactory completion of all appropriate forms at our hall.

Q: Can you secure me a job before I move there?
A: No, by law the union is not allowed to find any individual member a job over any other member (See FAQ No. 7 above).

Upon arrival and completion of either the permit worker or transfer status at the union hall, your name will be added to the Out-of-Work list and you will be subject to the standard job call procedures.

You can also solicit work own your own. Members and permit workers are allowed one (1) solicitation every six (6) months. There are very specific guidelines to this system, so please inquire with our union for more information.

Q: Will a contractor pay for any travel or housing expenses?
A: No. You are responsible for your own transportation and housing costs to relocate in Hawaii.

Please know that airfare to Hawaii, food, housing, and the full gamut of living expenses in our state is very high. The average median home price in Hawaii is around $700,000. We suggest you research living expenses in our state to get a better idea of how much it will cost you to transfer or relocate to Hawaii.

Please weigh your options carefully, and we welcome the opportunity to be of assistance should you choose to join our union in Hawaii.